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Kensington, a manufacturer of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting.

Kensington is an industry leader in the area of energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting. We are a dedicated team of managers and staff committed to providing the highest quality product availability at the lowest possible price.

Kensington supports all market segments. From contractors, retailers, government and institutional customers, we provide a full line of commercial, industrial, and residential applications, encompassing fluorescent and LED linear, recessed, exit and emergency lighting at factory direct prices.

LED lamps, LED bulbs,LED fixtures,LED floods,Strip lights,Parabolic lights,Surface lights,Recessed fixtures,Security lights,Vapor proof lights,Wraparound lights,Troffer baskets,Linear high bays,Fluorescent lighting,Energy efficient lighting,Suspension kits

Photo luminescent exit lighting,Aluminum High Bays,Kensington,Veteran owned,Channel lights,T5 lamps,T8 lamps,Emergency lighting,Wall lights,Wall lanterns,Ballast,Ceiling fixtures,Vanity lights Batteries,Exit security lighting,VOSB,HID Lighting,Metal Halide,High Pressure Sodium.

This site is devoted to Kensington Electric,a full service electrical distributor and manufacturer of commercial and residential light fixtures. Kensington serves the commercial,industrial, resort and educational industries. Kensington ships products nationwide and internationally.

General Electrical Distributor Company site, Kendirect.com,KensingtonUS.com,General Electrical Distributor.